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The Challenge!!

So, the Little Rock Marathon is just a short 18 days away. For those of you who don’t know, the Little Rock Marathon has become known for it’s gigantic (understatement of the year) medal. I believe the stats on this years medal are something like 8 inches across and over 2 pounds. Here is a photo:

I am medal! Here me roar!!!

While some people feel that the size of the medal has become over the top, it is a draw and attraction for many. I just met someone over the weekend while I was out of town who is coming to run this year, and the medal was the first thing she mentioned in our conversations. It was the deciding factor for she and her friends coming here. I personally have come to find humor in it. I look forward to the year of the “Flavor Flav clock” medal and the “manhole cover on a chain” medal. They inevitably will happen. In the meantime, I want to throw down a challenge. I don’t expect much to come of this challenge as I can’t fathom too many restaurateurs read my blog, but I risk nothing in throwing it out there, right?? (that is rhetorical, of course I am right–this time)

So here it is!!! I challenge you local restaurant folks to create an award winning recipe for a pancake that can be cooked on a heated Little Rock Marathon medal. Said pancake may be plain buttermilk, banana chocolate chip, pumpkin, blueberry…..whatever your fancy!! The main thing is that it has to be A)delicious and B)retain an impeccable imprint of the marathon medal on it’s surface. For factor B, I imagine a simple buttermilk or wheat pancake would be the easiest, but I will be judging the competition and I am a big fan of pancakes with a lot of “stuff” in them, so choose wisely.

Now I will lay out the rules, even though I fully expect that no one will actually do this, I am having a hoot of a time dreaming it up.

How do I enter this amazing contest?

Submit your name, and what restaurant you are from, to me at leahthorvilson@yahoo.com. Bring your epic pancake to the finish line of the Little Rock Marathon. I know this means the pancake will be cold. So what. After running a marathon, I guarantee it will taste amazing. If you are concerned that the temperature of your pancake will result in a lesser than acceptable taste and rating, feel free to fire up a camping stove and heat that sucker up!

Can I enter a pancake if I am not a restaurant owner or chef, and I just happen to think I make amazing pancakes?

Sure! Why not? (besides, the chances of ANYONE actually doing this increase dramatically if I open it up to the general public, right?)

What will be the criteria that my pancake will be judged on?

1. Flavor 2. Texture 3. Perfection of medal imprint 4. Creativity of taste 5. Creativity of presentation

What do I get if I win?

I will feature you, your epic pancake, and an obnoxious video of the pancake being devoured on my blog, Facebook, Twitter….and any other place I can think of that might garner you fame and fortune (yes, I do think I am funny). You will also receive a pair of Feetures socks, 10 tubes of Skratchlabs hydration beverage, 2 chocolate UCAN protein recovery shakes, and $2.37 in cash (mad skrilla right there…). These are not paid endorsements by those companies, simply things I chose because they are things that are my personal favorites, and it’s my challenge so the prize can be whatever I want!! The very generous cash contribution is the dollars and cents to hours and minutes equivalent of my marathon PR, which was run at last year’s Little Rock Marathon. Don’t act like that’s not awesome. Also, I will buy you an Irish Car Bomb at Bosco’s…. Unless you are underage, in which case I will buy you an apple juice.

Okay…..the gauntlet has been dropped!!! Will anyone man up and accept The Challenge?? ┬áTime will tell.

This blog post has been brought to you by Starbucks and ZenSpin endorphins. I hope it’s been half as entertaining to read as it has been to write.


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  • Eric says:

    I want to see the camp stove aid station at mile 26.3 where you can just bring your medal by and watch them fry up a pancake on the spot :)

    February 11, 2013 at 7:59 pm

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